Awesome Scapy Awesome

A curated list of tools, add-ons, articles or cool exploits using Scapy. Feel free to contribute !



Tools that use Scapy (a lot) or extend it

  • wifiphisher: create rogue access point
  • ufonet: create your own botnet to send untraceable DDOS attacks
  • trackerjacker: Maps and tracks wifi networks and devices through raw 802.11 monitoring.
  • net-creds: Sniff and catch all sensitive data on an interface
  • mtraceroute: create cool graphs over multiple traceroute analysis
  • Network Security Toolkit (NST): Includes an enhanced version of mtraceroute with IP Geolocation and GUI management
  • pysap: interact with SAP using custom built frames & tools
  • mitm6: performs MiTM for IPv6


Exploits that use Scapy. This does not count the ones included by default

  • krackattacks-scripts: test if clients or access points (APs) are affected by the KRACK attack against WPA2
  • isf: ISF (Industrial Control System Exploitation Framework). A suite that provides exploits various industrial protocols
  • CVE-2019-5597: IPv6 fragmentation vulnerability in OpenBSD Packet Filter
  • CVE-2018-4407: a heap buffer overflow in the networking code in the XNU operating system kernel (iOS and MacOS)